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Marty Max 

Shea Butter

Marty Max Shea Butter is available in so many delicious flavors:
Lemongrass, Belizian Breeze, Jadore, Georgia Peach, Pink Sugar, and XXtreme Moisture. All Flavors....$20

Marty Max Shea Butter was created to give you nature’s cure for dry, dull skin. Marty Max Shea Butter can help heal, brighten, protect and soften your skin. We have created a unique blend of natural emollients with the Essential Fatty Acids that your skin is craving. Fatty acids are oleic, stearic, linoleic and palmitic acid can help moisturize dry skin and can help improve the Anti-Again process with rich Vitamins A & E. Our clients LOVE this all natural product as a helpful solution for skin conditions like Dry Skin, Eczema cream, Skin Softening, Healing for blemishes & scare, Improving Wrinkles, for Dry Hair & Scalp, Anti-itch aid, and Stretch Mark prevention.