Signature Luxury Facials

We believe in quality products that are gentle yet effective. All products are PARABEN FREE, natural and ideal for treating all skin types. (60 minute treatment).
                     Signature Facials
1. Deep Pore Cleansing                                  $80
A relaxing,effective deep pore cleansing treatment which includes personal skin analysis, steaming, exfoliation,extractionfacial massage, mask toning and moisturizing.

2. Anti Aging Facial                                   $90
A facial treatment. treatment that visibly boots skin firmness and delivers moisture levels while delivering pure vitamins directly into the skins.The anti-oxidants,exfoliate and resurfaces and re-texture skin. For maximum results a series is recommended.

3. Facelift                                                                           $90
Tightens the skin, steam, extraction, aromatherapy,facial massage, mask, toning,moisturizing and sun block. aromatherapy, facial massage, mask, toning, moisturizing and sun block.

4. Microdermabration Facial                                       $95
Facial steaming, enzyme, extractions aromatheraphy, massage, mask,toning, moisturizing and sun block

5, Oxygen Facial                                                                              $100
Oxygen facial is a soothing and relaxing process having the goodness of oxygen infused onto you skin. Oxygen is administered topically onto the surface of your skin targeting fine lines and wrinkles giving it an instant lift.
Oxygen also stimulates collagen production and elasin, which gives a healthier and younger looking skin.